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You Can Produce a Fabulous Latin Theme Party!

Hello and welcome to the official RITMO!® Party Blog. Being of Latin origin, I have a unique vantage-point that has enabled me to help many people organize their Latin Themed events, as well as create some of the most unique and interactive entertainment Latin Themed productions that are part of the RITMO!®, RITMO!PALOOZA®, and RITMO! DECOR® event design and entertainment Brands. But the truth is that you don't have to be "Latin" to produce a fabulous Latin Themed event.

After many years of producing Latin Themed events, I have launched the RITMO!® Party Blog to try to help anyone that is interested in producing a Latin Themed party. Here you will find helpful tips and insightful information on how to produce a Latin Theme Party.

As part of the RITMO!® Party Blog, I'll be writing about different aspects of what makes for a great Latin Themed event, how to create the perfect tropical Latin Themed ambiance, various kinds of Latin Themed events (Cuban, Brazilian, etc.), entertainment, music, decorations, food, venue considerations, and other aspects of party planning.

Thank you for visiting my RITMO!® Party Blog. I sincerely hope that this blog will help and inspire you with great ideas to create your perfect Latin Themed event.

Please visit often for updated blogs on the finer points of creating unique and exciting tropical Latin Themed parties and feel free to email me with any questions on related topics and I'll do my best to help you.

Now, shake your maracas, keep your happy feet moving to the Latin rhythm, follow the RITMO!® conga line, and enjoy!

Bobby Ramirez
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Blog Entry Date: 10-2-2008

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Follow the RITMO!® Conga Line!

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Interactive Latin Theme Party Planner

Turn your upcoming event into an unforgettable interactive Latin tropical Theme party experience! Let us help you create the most fabulous special event. Download the RITMO!® REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Form

You Will Feel The Rhythm!

With their dazzling costumes, musicians, band and dancers, RITMO!® presents a variety of Latin tropical theme interactive Shows instantly transforming your party into the biggest Cuban Theme Party "Copa Cabana" extravaganza this side of Havana. From a 6-12 piece orchestra and up to 20 dancers, you will feel the rhythm and find yourself centerstage as part of the unique RITMO!® interactive Latin tropical Theme entertainment experience. The beautiful and always tantalizing RITMO!® Conga Showgirls will charm your special event!

RITMO!® CONGA SHOWGIRLS: "I'm from Barranquilla-Colombia and people from my town love art. We have the second biggest Carnival in the world!" | "I was about 4 years old and already singing and dreaming about becoming an international singing star!" | "I always had a passion growing up for the arts. Singing, dancing, acting" | "Dancing is a great form of self artistic expression that allows me to become free in spirit and celebrate the joy of living" | "Dancing has been and will be my passion forever!" | "I was inspired to becoming a dancer by the movie called The Wiz" | "My favorite food could be russian, sushi, Chinese, and salads"

By the time it's all over, chances are that you participated in a conga line, learned some great Salsa dance steps, experienced an interactive comparsa conga party team-building production, put on a Latin-inspired tropical rumba costume, rattled a hand-drum or bongos, jiggled some maracas, waggled your hips to the salsa beat, become part of the RITMO!® Latin dance show, or perhaps smoked a hand-rolled cigar. It's non-stop high energy Latin tropical sounds of Salsa, Merengue, Aro-Cuban comparsa, Mambo, Rumba, Latin Jazz, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba, do the Tango, Mambo, Cha-Cha, Boogaloo, and more! So, get ready to follow the RITMO!®

Get ready to jump into fun high-gear as part of the RITMO!® interactive conga party entertainment experience in Barbados. If you're planning a wedding, corporate event or group family vacation getaway, let us plan a memorable RITMO!® destination entertainment experience.

Take your special event where few events have gone before! RITMO!PALOOZA® - An experiential multi-sensory Latin tropical Theme event that instantly engages every individual from its audience in a personal way.

Stimulating the sense of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, RITMO!PALOOZA® inspires a fun and memorable carnivale atmosphere where the audience becomes part of the totally interactive Latin entertainment sensory experience that includes musicians, variety entertainers, band and dancers, costumes and decorations, authentic Cuban cigar rollers, great tasting Latin food and beverages, strolling conga showgirl dancers, and more!

Llega La Gigante Fàbrica De Ritmos

Con sus distintos colores tropicales y espectaculo interactivo de orquesta, bailarines y decoraciòn, RITMO!PALOOZA® presenta su gigante fàbrica de ritmos donde la audiencia es invitada a formar parte de la experiencia total.

Join The Super RITMO!® Party Blast

From a custom-design show production, to our unique Super RITMO!® Party Blast interactive party entertainment jams, there are many creative ways that RITMO!® BATA can spice up your especial event.

Vive al RITMO! De Buena Salud!

La nueva producciòn interactiva, Baila Con RITMO!® es un show de variedades, concursos, entrevistas y humor, que tambien conduce ayudar a las personas crear conciencia en mantener la buena salud fìsica, espiritual y buen estilo de vida en general.

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